diy no-sew grocery bag

I apologize for the crap pictures in advance.  I got excited and wanted to share this, so I wasn't very professional. 

When you don't have a lot of extraneous income, every little bit counts. When you have a large wardrobe, anything you can get rid of helps. Enter one stone, two birds, you're pickin' up what I'm puttin' down.

We all have a ton of those promotional t-shirts laying around, or maybe even old tops from your favorite band in high school. Ya know, the shirt you never wear, but you can't bear to toss. And I know you are like me, and want to bring reusable bags when you go to the grocery store, but aren't about to shell out $5 for some fancy plastic-y one.

Grocery bags out of t-shirts! That's it! That's the solution!

I saw this DIY on the web, and needed to share it with y'all.

Step One: Get a tshirt. Find some scissors. 

Oh, it's wrinkly? Do you need for your grocery bags to be starched and pressed? Ok. Let's move on.

Step Two: Cut out the neck. I ended up cutting it a little deeper than you see here, because I underestimated the size of my shoulders.

Step Three: Cut a sleeve off, from shoulder to armpit. Be sure to leave a hefty amount of fabric like you see above, 'cause that's  a handle!

Step Four: Do it to the other side. Boom, two handles.

*Keep in mind NOT to cut along the shoulder seam. Leave that in tact, like if you were cutting up a tee for a tank top.*

Step Five: Cut little fringies along the bottom hem, like you did for spirit week in high school. 

:::Step Five and a Half: If you want the design on the tee on the *OUTSIDE* of your bag, turn it inside out here.:::

I wanted this one hidden, so I just left it right side out.

Step Six: Tie the little pieces that are across from each other. Make sure to double knot! Groceries are heavy. It'll end up kinda bunchy, and that's perfect.

Step Seven: See all your ties lined up next to each other? See 'em? Got 'em?

Step Eight: Tie the side-by-side ones together. For extra security, you know. Don't forget to double knot these ones too.

Turn your back inside out so the knots are on the inside, then take your bag shopping with you! Something spills? Just toss it in the wash. 

I'm making a bunch of these to keep in the back of my trunk for groceries, picnics, all kinds of stuff.

Gonna try this? Wanna see more easy DIY? Let me know what you think!