Hey, y'all!


I had pretty much decided to stop blogging, with my new(ish) job being insane and my general apathy towards everything.

Lately though, I've remembered what my real goals are, and I think I can (and should) fit blogging into that. I've always wanted to be a writer, and I've always been a writer, but I've never buckled down and produced anything suitable for the public to consume. Lately I've been hearing more authors say phrases like-

-writing is a discipline
-writing is a habit
-more than art, it is just sitting down and writing something

and these words are exactly what I needed to hear. There are so many ideas kicking around in my head, almost finished poems and beginnings of novels, but I never have the energy to sit down and type them out. How much more information would I be able to stuff into my brain if I let some of it out, ya know?

So, I'm making an effort to get up early, stay up late, or skip the depression nap to get started on the projects that would bring me joy or comfort. Punching out the poem, attempt the painting I envision, and maybe finally getting back to the outline of a book I have stored away on this machine.

I still want to share photos and life's goings-on with people, and maybe peeks into the aforementioned projects every now and then. Just sitting down to write out this post has already brought me a peace I haven't known in awhile, as insignificant as it is. When I neglect creating, it's usually directly correlated with the cleanliness of my mental space and avoiding sorting through the crap and dusting off the shelves.