patio dreamin'

A collection of inspiration photos, and a 'vision board' are all I can really do right now, being that it's early February. But the chilly air won't keep me from dreaming!

We love to entertain and people tend to just drop by the house on occasion. I want to be sure we're taking advantage of every single beautiful day that will be more of a regular occurrence here in St. Louis pretty soon. Being outside is one of my favorite things, and life gets so busy it's hard to find time for picnics or hikes. My solution to this is to attempt a small back yard oasis for the little moments in between the craziness.

We have a modest backyard behind our rented home. There is no lake, no fancy gazebo. But we have projects in mind, just a few small ways we can make it our own.

First up, the fire pit. We found a metal one ridiculously cheap during the pre-holiday season sales. Bradley's going to build up around it with some bricks, so it looks a little more permanent.  During our thrifting adventures, we've been keeping an eye out for outdoor furniture. I wouldn't mind refinishing and painting a set, but we haven't found anything we like yet. Fingers crossed we can find something before spring sets in! 

String lights, lanterns and patterned pillows will tie together our little outdoor bohemian spot. Succulents are going to be key plants in our backyard space, as I have a hard time remembering to take care of plants. Low water i.e. maintenance is the way to go for me!

While most things in this vision board are expensive, as I've previously mentioned, we'll be DIYing everything. Rarely do we purchase anything 'new', so I'm interested to see what we can come up with!


patio by denvy featuring garden decor