around here

Time for a little update, don't ya think?

First of all, congrats to Kenny who won the JORD contest!

A lot has been happening around the ol' den lately.

B received the job offer of a lifetime, and well, we couldn't refuse. So we picked up everything and set it back down in Nashville, Tennessee. We found a cute little place (the housing market is uh, much different and more expensive than St. Louis) right outside of the city, and have been settling in for the past month and half.

We live near a lake, and are surrounded by trees. Little raccoon friends visit frequently, and we find deer antler pieces in our driveway. About five minutes away, we found a little home in a dive bar that has karaoke every night of the week. Life is good.

Our place is small, but cozy, and I can't wait to share our interior aesthetic and on-going projects. I'm still exploring the new soil to sink my roots into and interviewing for jobs, but as I get settled in, I'll share the things and places that become familiar and favorite.

I'm homesick, not gonna lie. St. Louis is home, and I miss it everyday. The constant group text with my besties makes me feel better though. I'll always maintain my connection to the people that make St. Louis home. Also, the zoo here costs money and doesn't even have elephants. Uh, what's with that?

My little corner of the internet has been bare lately, but I'm feeling new inspiration, and I hope you're still with me. I spend a lot of time writing and thinking and learning, and I'm looking forward to sharing what's cookin'.

Now, send me all of your Nashville recommendations! I need restaurants and bars and parks and events!