17 in '17

I usually make sweeping statements about allll of the things I'm gonna do in the new year, and about 3:00 p.m. on January 2nd, all is lost. One year is a lot of time, but man! It flies by. With work and responsibilities, sometimes you use up all your minutes in the day and remember you still have to get six hours of sleep somehow.

So this year, I'm picking 17 things. Some of them definitively measurable, some of them not. This list is the skeleton of my new year, but the muscles are built throughout the cross-fit session that is life, and the fat is accumulated from what is consumed.

I want to make 2017 strong and lean.

  1. Read at least a book a month.
  2. Pare down our possessions and de-clutter our home
  3. Make the gym a frequent habit again. I don't have to kill it every time, but I do need to make the effort to show up for myself.
  4. Delete time wasting/distracting apps on my phone, with the exception of Twitter and Instagram, because I love to use these as a time capsule while traveling.
  5. Become one of those women who has a daily skincare routine (I am the worst about taking care of my skin)
  6. Stop smoking (This terrifies me. It's ridiculous how much I depend on this vice.)
  7. Actually consume all of the produce that I purchase/we grow, which leads me to...
  8. Cut our waste in half, at least. Compost what we can. Recycle everything recyclable.
  9. Exercise my creativity. Whether doodling, writing, painting, whatever, just do it. No 'I'm not good at that' excuses. It's for sanity, not for show.
  10. When I have to shop at Target, just buy what I need... and leave. NO DOLLAR AISLE.
  11. Practice patience. Daily. Hourly. Ok, I'm a very impatient person.
  12. Spend more quality time with B. Have coffee in the morning together instead of yelling at each other whose turn it is to let the dogs out. Put the phones away when we rest in the evenings. That sort of thing.
  13. Develop a 'bedtime routine' to practice better sleep hygiene.
  14. Budget, stick with it, and save money.
  15. Drink more water. This sounds stupid, but water is not usually what I reach for. Typically, all I drink is coffee. Which is made with water, so I don't know why I'm that worried about it. (jk)
  16. Stop bailing on social things. I'm a bit of an anxious introvert, so it's easy for me to make plans outside of my house, and very difficult to keep them.
  17. When I question something, or get interested in something, go beyond a quick Wikipedia entry. Really, thoroughly research and become knowledgeable on whatever it is. A new dish I want to make, why a tradition became such, how something works, etc. Hey, maybe I can even find a book about it.

Please share some of your resolutions/goals/etc with me in the comments! Do you have any from the past that you've been successful with?