summer sangria

By popular demand, here is my summer sangria recipe!

First of all, this photograph is completely unedited. My phone camera RULES.

Now, when I say sangria 'recipe', what I really mean is I throw a bunch of shit in there and cross my fingers. I mean, it's wine, so it can't really go wrong, right? I'll even bullet this out for you.

  • Grab a pitcher. I used a kind of smallish one, 64oz, but just adjust for whatever size you use.
  • Squeeze four oranges in there. Squeeze 'em real good. I slice mine up into eight pieces to make sure I get maximum juiceage. I keep one oranges (so eight) peels to put into the pitcher.
  • Squeeze one lemon in there. I put this one through a strainer to cut down on seeds sneakin' in there. I slice my lemon in quarters, and put two peels in there.
  • One lime! Slice it up, squeeze it, put all the peels in there.
  • Now get creative. Add whatever fruit you want, I guess. I used strawberries. I sliced up probably five or six and dumped 'em in.
  • Add your wine. I use one of the big bottles. A fine $7 Liberty Creek chardonnay from Wal-Mart. Get as fancy as you want, but out of all the more expensive ones I've tried, I still like this one the best for sangria. I use probably 3/4 of the bottle.
  • Add rum! Yeah, I sub the brandy for this. I added about 4 oz.
  • Take a swig from the rum bottle. Hey, you've squeezed A LOT of fruit at this point. Sort of. Whatever.
  • Chill it in the fridge.
  • When you serve, do about half a glass of the sangria and top with ginger ale. Trust me.

And now you have a summer sangria to take to the lake, on the boat, a picnic, by the pool, sitting on the couch watching tv, whatever. It compliments just about any situation.