diy no-sew grocery bag

I apologize for the crap pictures in advance.  I got excited and wanted to share this, so I wasn't very professional. 

When you don't have a lot of extraneous income, every little bit counts. When you have a large wardrobe, anything you can get rid of helps. Enter one stone, two birds, you're pickin' up what I'm puttin' down.

We all have a ton of those promotional t-shirts laying around, or maybe even old tops from your favorite band in high school. Ya know, the shirt you never wear, but you can't bear to toss. And I know you are like me, and want to bring reusable bags when you go to the grocery store, but aren't about to shell out $5 for some fancy plastic-y one.

Grocery bags out of t-shirts! That's it! That's the solution!

I saw this DIY on the web, and needed to share it with y'all.

Step One: Get a tshirt. Find some scissors. 

Oh, it's wrinkly? Do you need for your grocery bags to be starched and pressed? Ok. Let's move on.

Step Two: Cut out the neck. I ended up cutting it a little deeper than you see here, because I underestimated the size of my shoulders.

Step Three: Cut a sleeve off, from shoulder to armpit. Be sure to leave a hefty amount of fabric like you see above, 'cause that's  a handle!

Step Four: Do it to the other side. Boom, two handles.

*Keep in mind NOT to cut along the shoulder seam. Leave that in tact, like if you were cutting up a tee for a tank top.*

Step Five: Cut little fringies along the bottom hem, like you did for spirit week in high school. 

:::Step Five and a Half: If you want the design on the tee on the *OUTSIDE* of your bag, turn it inside out here.:::

I wanted this one hidden, so I just left it right side out.

Step Six: Tie the little pieces that are across from each other. Make sure to double knot! Groceries are heavy. It'll end up kinda bunchy, and that's perfect.

Step Seven: See all your ties lined up next to each other? See 'em? Got 'em?

Step Eight: Tie the side-by-side ones together. For extra security, you know. Don't forget to double knot these ones too.

Turn your back inside out so the knots are on the inside, then take your bag shopping with you! Something spills? Just toss it in the wash. 

I'm making a bunch of these to keep in the back of my trunk for groceries, picnics, all kinds of stuff.

Gonna try this? Wanna see more easy DIY? Let me know what you think!

patio dreamin'

A collection of inspiration photos, and a 'vision board' are all I can really do right now, being that it's early February. But the chilly air won't keep me from dreaming!

We love to entertain and people tend to just drop by the house on occasion. I want to be sure we're taking advantage of every single beautiful day that will be more of a regular occurrence here in St. Louis pretty soon. Being outside is one of my favorite things, and life gets so busy it's hard to find time for picnics or hikes. My solution to this is to attempt a small back yard oasis for the little moments in between the craziness.

We have a modest backyard behind our rented home. There is no lake, no fancy gazebo. But we have projects in mind, just a few small ways we can make it our own.

First up, the fire pit. We found a metal one ridiculously cheap during the pre-holiday season sales. Bradley's going to build up around it with some bricks, so it looks a little more permanent.  During our thrifting adventures, we've been keeping an eye out for outdoor furniture. I wouldn't mind refinishing and painting a set, but we haven't found anything we like yet. Fingers crossed we can find something before spring sets in! 

String lights, lanterns and patterned pillows will tie together our little outdoor bohemian spot. Succulents are going to be key plants in our backyard space, as I have a hard time remembering to take care of plants. Low water i.e. maintenance is the way to go for me!

While most things in this vision board are expensive, as I've previously mentioned, we'll be DIYing everything. Rarely do we purchase anything 'new', so I'm interested to see what we can come up with!


patio by denvy featuring garden decor

listen//coast modern

Keeping short and sweet, but I had to share with y'all. Here is a band to keep an ear out for, because this is cool.

Luke Atlas and Coleman Trapp, known as Coast Modern, hail from the west coast, and it shows in their chill, yet angsty, sound. It almost sounds to me as if Cage the Elephant had a baby with Santigold. Hollow Life is the first single they've released, in September 2015, but I can't wait to hear more. I'm a little late to the party, but better late than never. I've also been furiously searching for future tour dates, with crossed fingers they'll make an appearance in St. Louis, but no such luck yet.

You can find them on Facebook here, and on Twitter here



This is part two of my previous post. Dining room goals.

Mismatched chairs, hide rug, gallery wall and Real Talk Questions from Kit + Ace on the table. As I said in the previous post, we already have some of these pieces. We just need to set aside a day to shuffle everything around!

Why the sudden urgency surrounding decorating a dining room? Bradley has a cookbook that we've decided to start cooking our way through. A meal a day is a pretty lofty goal for us since we work so much and have opposite schedules, but we're gonna give it a shot. And soon we'll have a beautiful space to enjoy it in! I'm really looking forward to sharing food and recipes soon!

Ukulele For Dummies

I've been trying to pick up some of my better older habits again, and playing music is one of them. While I was living in Hawaii, I learned to play ukulele and loved it. I kept up with it for awhile after coming back to the mainland, but it soon fell off of the long to-do list. Trying to get back at it isn't easy, but it will be well worth it. It's a stress relief and takes me back to a really awesome experience in my life.

Wanna learn?

You are not a dummy. But if you were, you would want these basic things to start out. First, an ukulele. Since you're just starting out, and you might not want to commit right away, you can always head here. What I really truly recommend doing is committing right away, and get a hand crafted Hawaii-made one, maybe from here!

Ukulele For Dummies will probably help you out, even though you are not a dummy. Disclaimer: I took classes, I did not use this. But it should get you started.

Felt picks! Helps produce a great sound on your little nylon strings, no 'clicking' and protects the wood on your beautiful new treasure, because we all get a little enthusiastic sometimes. (Or you can just strum it with your finger.)

A case is a must. There are soft 'gig bags', but I just don't like 'em. I like to put my ukulele away when I'm not playing or put it in the trunk if I'm going somewhere, so a hard case is what's up. And get a cute one like this if you like cute things. 

If you're not sure whether you have an ear for pitch yet, maybe think about a tuner? Ya know, so your dog doesn't howl or hide under the coffee table. These ones look pretty dope and they're cheap.

If you walk away from reading this a little inspired to try out the uke, I will be happy. If you walk away from reading this inspired to pick up any new instrument, I will be very happy. Do you play a different instrument? Let me know! Maybe you can skype teach me!